The purpose of the Ladies Auxiliary of the California Society, Sons of the American Revolution is to maintain a nonprofit association of women interested in and supportive of the objectives and activities of that Society.

The goals of the Auxiliary are to stimulate greater interest in and support of the Society, to assist it in the promotion of the membership and furthering the historic, patriotic and educational objectives and activities of the SAR. We also provide members of the Ladies Auxiliary a vehicle to support the society and use the time at CASSAR chapter and state meetings for service and friendship building.

Activities during the CASSAR state meetings include raffle sales and other fundraising, hospitality room support, local tours and shopping, educational and patriotic speakers, participating in LACASSAR business meetings and leadership, and enjoying banquets.

The members meet twice each year at the California SAR spring and fall state meetings. Money raised by the Auxiliary from dues, donations, and raffles goes to programs such as the CASSAR student essay and oration contests, Eagle Scout programs, and Valley Forge Teacher scholarships.